1/16 " NanoTight FEP Tubing Sleeves

NanoTight Tubing Sleeves

  • Manufactured from FEP fluoropolymer
  • Pressure rated to 4,000 psi (276 bar)
  • Outer diameter of 1/16"; the most popular size used on most instrumentation
Upchurch Scientific NanoTight Tubing Sleeves are manufactured using FEP fluoropolymer and precisely cut to a 1.6" length. A wide assortment of sleeves is available, ensuring the availability of a NanoTight sleeve for most applications. Many of the sleeves feature a light color tint that can help more easily identify the inner diameter for future orders. Because FEP is the base polymer for these sleeves, there is a maximum recommended continuous operating temperature of 50 oC.

Upchurch Scientific NanoTight sleeves were designed primarily for use with the NanoTight fittings and also work well with the Super Flangeless fittings for 1/16" OD tubing. For tubing sleeves that can be used effectively with stainless steel fittings and at higher temperatures, consider using the Upchurch Scientific PEEK Tubing Sleeves.

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Our Short NanoTight Fitting offers the best available option for connecting capillary tubing into standard 10-32 threaded, coned ports normally designed for 1/16” OD tubing. When combined with NanoTight® Tubing Sleeves, these fittings work with tubing ODs from 70µm to 1mm. The ferrule is made from softer Tefzel (ETFE) material allowing ease of connection. This also comes in a 10 pack.