1/32" OD PEEK™ Tubing Sleeves

These 1.6" long Upchurch Scientific® 1/32" OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves can be used with any fitting designed for 1/32" OD tubing when smaller tubing must be connected. Select the appropriate sleeve from the product listing for your capillary tubing OD size. The 1/32" OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves have a pressure rating of 5000 psi (345 bar) and a maximum recommended temperature of 125ºC.

Use 1/32" OD PEEK or Teflon PFA Sleeves to connect capillary tubing with the following:

  • The F-113 Ferrule and Two-Piece Fingertight Fittings for 10-32 ports
  • The F-112 and P-416BLK MicroTight® Fittings for our Nano Flow Sensor - 1/32" OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves only
  • The 1/32" OD MicroTight Fittings
  • The Rheodyne® RheFlex® M4 Fitting for MX Module applications
  • The M-645 Valco®-Compatible Fitting for Valco Nanovolume® valve applications
Clockwise, starting at top: 1/16" OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves with F-140 Fitting; 1/32 OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves with F-126H Fitting; 1/32" OD FEP Tubing Sleeves with F-126S Fitting. Fittings and tubing not included.

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