Biocompatible Precolumn Filters

  • 0.5 µm or 2 µm Porosity Frits Available
  • Great column Protection
  • Feature PeeK™ Bodies and PcTFe-surrounded PeeK Frits

    Upchurch scientific® Biocompatible Precolumn Filters have .020” diameter thru-holes and 8° distribution cones for minimal band spreading and mixing. The bodies of these filters are manufactured from biocompatible PeeK polymer versions and are pressure rated to 5,000 psi (345 bar). These filters are designed for use with 1/16” od tubing, which can be connected to these filters using standard Fingertight fittings. choose either the 0.5 µm or 2 µm version to filter particulates from your flow path.

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    Filter PreColumn PEEK 2µm

    With A-700 PEEK Frit, Biocompatible

    1.4 µL


    Filter PreColumn PEEK 0.5µm

    With A-701 PEEK Frit, Biocompatible

    1.3 µL


    Frit PEEK 2µm .062x.065x.250

    PEEK Polymer, ea.

    0.74 µL


    FRIT PK 3LU .5UM .062X.065X.25

    PEEK Polymer, ea.

    0.61 µL