Biocompatible Semi-Prep Inline Filters

  • Versions for 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16” od Tubing

    Our Biocompatible semi-Prep Filters consist of a stainless steel body, two PeeK™ end fittings, and a separate PeeK frit. The A-410 and A-411 are pressure rated to 6,000 psi (414 bar), while the A-510 and A-511 are for higher flow, lower pressure applications. These filters are ideal for many higher flow analytical, semi-prep and preparative applications. Best of all, if the filter becomes clogged, simply unscrew the assembly, remove the frit and replace it. see price block for information on tubing sizes and fittings to use with these assemblies.

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    Semi-Prep Filter 2µm

    With OC-802 Frit

    89 µL


    Semi-Prep Filter 10µm

    With OC-803 Frit

    103 µL


    Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 3/16

    With OC-805 Frit

    89 µL


    Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 1/4

    With OC-805 Frit

    141 µL


    Mega Frit w/Ring 2µm PCTFE Grn

    Green Kel-F® ring

    46 µL


    Frit PEEK 10µm .457x.077x.560

    Natural Kel-F ring

    57 µL


    Frit PEEK 5µm .455x.058x.560

    Natural Kel-F ring

    50 µL