CC-1515-C185 , CLIPEUS Capellini C18 5µm 15cm x 0.150mm column

Item Name CLIPEUS Capellini C18 5µm 15cm x 0.150mm column
Phase C18
Hardware Capellini Capillary Column
Column / Cartridge Length 15 cm
Internal Diameter 0.15 mm
Sorbent Chemistry C18
Particle Size 5 µm
Pore Size 120 A
Pore Volume 0.8 mL/gm
Surface Area 330 m²/gm
Phase Type Extremely well end-capped monofunctional phases
Silica Class Type B
Carbon % 0.18
Hardware Types Higgns Analytical Capellini column are robust and high performance capillary HPLC columns for LC-MS and other very small scale applications.The inert PEEK and titanium fittings complement the Higgins Analytical sorbents such as TARGA which was developed to enable LC-MS applications without TEAOur no nonsense testing procedure does not resort to sample and flow splitting techniques, inaccurate k' values. and miniscule chromatograms, as do some manufacturers, to illustrate column performance. The CofA's symmetrical peaks and the high resolution map speak for themselves.
Applications LC-MS|Microbore HPLC
Features Tested and supplied with CofA|PEEK/Titanium fittings|High performance|6-32 threads for capillary fittings|Higgins Analytical Sorbents
Neutrals Test Mix CLIPEUS C18
A "Small Shield" for a Big Job

The high purity base silica and thoroughly end capped bonded phases insure that CLIPEUS columns and cartridges will perform well in demanding situations where many other column brands fail. Even polar compounds elute as sharp and symmetrical peaks permitting surprisingly short columns to be used for high speed analysis. In addition to Silica, C8 and C18 phases, CLIPEUS columns are available with phenyl or cyano functionality.