CE-003 Column End Fittings

  • 27 nL void volume with 0.5 µm Stainless Steel screen
  • For fused silica and 1/32" OD PEEKsil™ columns
  • Rated to 9000 psig with liquid media
To successfully pack a capillary column, a fritted end is required to retain the silica bed while packing. The CE-003 is a stainless steel end fitting made for direct-connection to 1/32" OD columns. Connection to columns and transfer tubing of smaller OD may be achieved by use of the appropriate column adapter sleeve, such as included in the TS-015 Adapter Kit. Use the CE-003 at system pressures up to 9000 psig with liquid media (3000 psig recommended with gas pressure). Please note that when the Nanobaume is in use with CE-003 end fittings, the CE-004A High Pressure Column-To-Nanobaume Connection is required at pressure above 6000 psig.

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HIGH PRESSURE COLUMN endfitting set for 1/32" OD columns

High Pressure Column end fitting including 2m SS screen . Suitable for 1/32" column OD and and adapters for fused silica



Screen, 0.5micron stainless steel, its 1/32" pocket

Screen, 0.5 micron stainless steel, its 1/32" pocket



MICRON UNION stainless steel 6-40 for 1/32 OD columns 0.15mm (.006) bore 0.69ul swept volume

Micro Union, SS 316, for 1/32" OD Columns, 150 &microm Bore, with 6-40 Ports, includes nuts and ferrules

Micro Union


FERRULE for 1/32 OD Stainless Steel

Ferrule, for 1/32" OD Columns, SS316, fits into 1/32" union SP-089



PLUG 1/32 Stainless Steel

Pressure Testing Plug, SS316, 6-40 Threads

Pressure Testing Plug


Column Adapter Kit PEEK for adapting end fittings to fused silica columns. Includes two adapters each in five ranges: 125-165µm 150-190µm 225-265µm 325-365µm 455-495µm

Column Adapter KitIncludes two 1/32" OD PEEK adapters each in five ranges: 125-165 µm, 150-190 µm, 225-265 µm, 325-365 µm, 455-495 µm.

Column adapter kit