Microwave Vials & Caps

Microwave Reaction Vials

Re-sealable Silicone/PTFE Crimp Caps

The use of re-sealable silicone/PTFE septa allows the multiple addition of reagents and sampling to monitor reaction progress (while maintaining sealed reaction conditions). All Microwave Reaction Vials are supplied with 20mm crimp caps; additional crimp caps are available in a cost effective pk/1000.

Stirrer Bars

We offer stirrer bars for all Microwave Reaction Vials. The PTFE coated stirrer bars ensure a homogeneous reaction mixture, ensuring reactions are driven to completion in the minimum time.


Samples of all Microwave Reaction Vials are readily available. Please contact us at 1-800-541-8421 for samples.

Crimping and Decapping Options

We also offer tools for crimping and decapping Microwave Reaction Vials. The crimping tool is fully compatible with our Microwave Reaction Vials, providing securely crimped vials.

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