Mini MicroFilter Assemblies

  • Total Volume as Low as 10 nL
  • Conductive Version for CEC and Mass Spectrometry Applications
Upchurch Scientific® Inline Mini MicroFilter Assemblies filter effectively with internal volumes low enough to ensure reliable chromatographic results -even at nanoliter flow rates. They achieve this using 1 µm and 2 µm porosity replaceable filter capsules - some versions with a thin, stainless steel micro screen (0.25 mm thick x 1 mm diameter) and others with a miniscule sintered stainless steel (SST) or titanium (Ti) frit disc (0.25 mm thick x 0.5 mm diameter). At these sizes, the filtration micro-screen and discs are just a little bigger than the diameter of the period at the end of this sentence. Internal volumes of these encapsulated filters are as low as 85 nL with the micro-screen and 10 nL to 22 nL with the frit disc option.

The micro-screen filter capsules have versions designed for connecting capillary tubing (70 - 520 µm OD ) in combination with our MicroTight® Tubing Sleeves, or for direct connecting 360 µm and 1/32" (790 µm) OD tubing. The frit-disc filter capsules (NanoFilters) are only available for versions that directly connect 360 µm and 1/32" OD tubing.

Apply voltage to the stainless steel filter holder body of the Conductive Mini MicroFilter for applications such as mass spectrometry and CEC analysis. The voltage is conducted through to the stainless steel portion of the 1 µm NanoFilter Capsule and on to the fluid stream. Try our Insulating Mounting Bracket to apply voltage easily.

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