NanoTight™ Unions

Upchurch Scientific® NanoTight Unions improve capillary tubing connections in several ways. The sleeving system and internal design of the unions greatly reduce the incidence of tubing misalignment. The webbed thru-hole minimizes breaking of fused silica at the junction point while adding only miniscule swept volume (8 nL for the P-779-01 and 13 nL for the U-411). The results are fewer blockages, fewer flow rate reductions and fewer back pressure problems.

Connect capillary tubing with these unions using the NanoTight Fittings and Sleeves. These versatile unions can also be used to connect capillary tubing to 1/16" OD tubing, or to connect two 1/16" OD tubing lines. To connect 1/16" OD tubing with our P-779-01, use any standard polymer 10-32 coned fittings, such as our NanoTight Fittings. To connect 1/16" OD tubing with our U-411, use the included fittings.

The pressure holding capability of the NanoTight Unions depends on the fittings and tubing sleeves selected.

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