Quick-Stop Luer Inline Check Valves

  • Check Valve Protection with Luer Convenience
  • Automatically Opens When Engaged

Our Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve is designed to provide inline luer connect/disconnect convenience without the mess and hazard of spills. Just connect the valve assembly to your inline tubing using standard 1/4-28 flat-bottom fittings. The check valve is automatically opened once the luer connection is engaged, allowing flow in either direction. Disconnecting the luer union causes the check valve to close.

The P-696 Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve Assembly is comprised of two halves: P-655 Male Luer-to-Female 1/4-28 Port; and the P-697 Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve. The flowpath of both is made of PEEK™ polymer. The P-697 also includes check valve components made of gold-plated stainless steel and perfluoroelastomer.

The P-698 and P-699 offer bulkhead-mounting options to this line of handy products.

Inlet Solvent Reservoir:
Quickly change your solvent on the low pressure end of an HPLC system, while preventing potentially hazardous spills. Just install a Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve Assembly between your solvent reservoir and the pump, with the valve towards the bottle. The valve will prevent solvent leakage from the line coming from the reservoir, while the check valves in your pump prevent spills from the line leading to the pump. With both lines still full of solvent, this system also eliminates the need to reprime your pump.

FIA Sample Injection:
The Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve provides a practical means to introduce a sample into FIA and other low pressure systems, when used in conjunction with our P-612 Pressure Relief Valve Tee. Simply connect the Tee into the appropriate flow path line with the included fittings and thread the P-697 Quick-Stop Luer Valve onto the 1/4-28 male end of the Tee. Sample can then be introduced conveniently by using a standard luer-tipped syringe. The check valve is automatically opened when the syringe is attached and closed when the syringe is removed.

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Quick St Luer Check vlv Assy

127 µL


Quick Stop Luer Check Valve

107 µL


Bulkhead Quick Stop Luer CV

107 µL