Silica Bulk Materials

  • Prevent System Over-Pressurization
Upchurch Scientific Pressure Relief Valves are ideal for preventing system over-pressurization. These products protect system components by diverting fluid flow automatically when pressure exceeds the set limit. Choose between our preset 100 psi (7 bar) and 5 psi (0.3 bar) assemblies, both shipped with our Flangeless Fittings. The 100 psi version is a good, general purpose valve, while the 5 psi version is perfect for protecting syringe and peristaltic pump systems. The void volume of both relief valves is low due to the small 0.020" (0.50 mm) thru-holes in the valve tee body.

If you wish to have the Pressure Relief Valve open at a different pressure than 5 or 100 psi, simply combine one of the other replacement Back Pressure Regulator Assemblies with the P-612 Pressure Relief Valve Tee. Choose the P-612S for larger bore tubing and higher flow applications.

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Strong Cation Exchange, PolySULFOETHYL A, 5 µm, 300 Å

SP-004 , SILICA PolyCAT A 5um ...

Weak Cation Exchange, PolyCAT A, 5 µm, 1000 Å


Hydrophilic Interaction, PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 5 µm, 100 Å

SP-007 , SILICA PolyPROPYL A 5...

Hydrophilic Interaction, PolyPROPYL A, 5 µm, 300 Å

SP-002 , SILICA C-18 5um 100A ...

C-18, 5 µm, 100 Å Hydrophilic Endcap