Two-Piece RheFlex® Fingertight Fittings - Nuts and Ferrules

For Coned Ports

Two-Piece Fingertight Fittings feature a separate ferrule. With a two-piece design, you can replace just the ferrule instead of the entire unit, making these Fingertights more economical than the one-piece version.

The Rheodyne® RheFlex Precision Two-Piece PEEK™ Fittings sets provide inert, biocompatible connections for instrumentation. These dependable 1/16" PEEK fittings have a reliable, time-tested design. Each 1/16" fittings set contains a 10-32 threaded nut and a specially-designed PEEK ferrule. Three lengths of the 1/16" nut are available: Standard, Short, and Extra Long. RheFlex Fingertight Fittings are rated for use up to 7000 psi.

Installing High Pressure Fittings

Before connecting fittings, ensure the end of the tubing has a clean, square, burr-free cut. This is very important, as the square cut helps the tubing make full contact with the bottom of the mating port. Neglecting to properly cut the tubing could lead to dead volume, resulting in peak distortion such as fronting, tailing or broadening.

Two-Piece Fittings with Polymer Ferrules

  1. Slide the nut, followed by the ferrule, at least 3/16” from the end of the clean cut tubing.
  2. Insert the assembly into the receiving port, pushing the tubing into the port until it bottoms out.
  3. Finger tighten the nut into the port until snug.(Upchurch Scientific® recommends a tightening torque of 2-4 in-lbs for its Fingertight fittings - roughly equivalent to typical finger tightening torque. Please note that undertightening can result in fitting leakage at pressures less than to what the fitting is rated, and overtightening can cause leakage and/or fitting damage.)
  4. After several uses (especially at high pressures) the ferrule should be replaced.
The nuts can be ordered separately - please contact us for pricing.

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