UHMWPE Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters

  • Replaceable Filter Cup
  • Economical

    The design of these Upchurch scientific® solvent filters allows your tubing to pass through to the bottom of the filter cup. This feature enables the filter to draw solvent from within .10” (2.5 mm) of the bottom of your solvent bottle.

    Each of the two biocompatible solvent filter assemblies comes with a disposable 10 µm ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) filter cup. These filter cups thread directly into the inert Tefzel® (ETFE) body, creating a good seal that ensures all mobile phase is properly filtered. choose from versions designed for use with 1/16” and 1/8” OD tubing.

    Please Note: UHMWPE is a hydrophobic material. To establish proper surface wetting, you may need to prime the filter with methanol or acetonitrile.

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