Ultra High Performance Tees and Crosses

  • Direct-Connect Either 360 µm or 1/32" OD Tubing - No Sleeves Required.
  • Available in Both Tee and Cross Configurations
  • Pressure Rated to 15000 psi (1034 bar)
To help facilitate multi-port connections in UHPLC applications, Upchurch Scientific® has developed a line of MicroTees and MicroCrosses designed to work at pressures up to 15000 psi (1034 bar). The body of each of the products is manufactured from stainless steel and features small 0.010" thru-holes and very low internal volume (84 nL for the MicroTees; 101 nL for the MicroCrosses). Additionally, the stainless steel construction allows these products to be used in applications where electrical conductivity is desired.

Each of our Ultra High Performance MicroTees and MicroCrosses comes complete with PEEK™ nuts and ferrules (manufactured from a proprietary PEEK polymer blend) to directly connect either 1/32" OD tubing or 360 µm OD tubing without any sleeves required. With the stainless steel bodies and the PEEK fittings, excellent chemical compatibility is ensured.

Upchurch Scientific has focused strongly on the development of a variety of connectors and accessories for 1/32" OD tubing and 360 µm OD tubing. We have focused on these specific sizes due to their overwhelming popularity in analytical instruments, especially where micro and nano-scale analyses are being performed. By creating products designed for these popular sizes, the overall connection is easier to make and generally holds to increased pressures over connections where tubing sleeves are involved.

Micro unions, adapters, and tees for standard high pressure applications are available.
  • It is usually safe to use 0.010" ID x 1/16" OD tubing throughout an analytical HPLC system. With a 0.010" ID, the pressure drop across most tubing lengths is negligible, and the ID is small enough to minimize band broadening.
  • High pressure semi-prep LC systems will most likely use 1/8" OD tubing.
  • Use 1.8 mm OD tubing to replace fluoropolymer tubing used in some Pharmacia®/GE Healthcare systems.
  • Use our 1/32" OD tubing for the high pressure flow path of some Agilent® 1100 LC systems.
  • Choose 360 µm OD tubing for most capillary systems.
  • PEEK tubing is available in additional sizes and in 50' and 100' lengths.

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