Ultra-Low Volume BPRs

Our Ultra-Low Volume Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) were developed to minimize swept volume, which is especially important for multi-detector applications. With a maximum swept volume of only 6 µL (The maximum internal swept volume listed here is for the back pressure regulator only and does not include the volume of the attached tubing lines.), it is nearly impossible to detect these BPRs as part of your fluid pathway. And because the flow path is completely polymeric, you are assured of biocompatibility.

Three Ultra-Low Volume BPRs are available with back pressure settings of 100 and 500 psi. These units can be operated their flow-rate recommendations; however, the resulting back pressure will differ from that set at the factory.

A set screw allows adjustments to the back pressure rating. Take care to ensure the resulting back pressure does not exceed the recommended pressure range of your system components.

To minimize the swept volume added to your flow path, we recommend trimming the length of the attached tubing.

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Micro-Volume BPR PEEK Tubing

100 psi | 7 bar

0.01 in


Micro-Volume BPR 500 psi

500 psi | 34 bar

0.01 in


Micro-Volume BPR 100 psi 10µm

100 psi | 7 bar

0.02 in